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Be at the top of Google’s results page today with online paid advertising. Bespoke Pay Per Click Campaigns. Google Ads is a cost per click based online advertising that will appear at the top of Google’s results page when someone searches for products or services related to the ones your company sells or provides. With these ads you will only pay when a person clicks through to your website or calls you. Still confused? Don’t worry, Clarity can do it for you:

  • Google Ads' account management;
  • Creation and setup of new accounts;
  • Audit of existing accounts;
  • Development of search campaigns – get visibility when someone is searching for what you offer;
  • Creation of display advertising – get visibility on over 2 million websites and apps;
  • Remarketing advertising – reach out with a special message or deal to people already familiar with your brand.

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Search Engine Optimisation, or more commonly SEO is the way to increase organic traffic (that is non-paid or free) by optimising your website for search engines. But even before working on a keyword strategy or content creation, you need to make sure that there are no technical on-page issues on website, as those will prevent it from growing organically, no matter how good your SEO strategy is. Still puzzled? Don’t worry, Clarity will take your website and analyse it inside out, both technical and content wise, so you know what needs to be improved, namely in what concerns:

  • Accessibility and crawlability of the website;
  • Indexation issues;
  • Site speed;
  • Mobile usability;
  • Website internal structure;
  • Markup;
  • Meta tags and content overview;
  • Backlinks profile overview.

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Have you ever heard that “Content is King.”? Well Google thinks so too! Proper bespoke content, that is relevant to your website and to what you sell or offer, is possibly one of the best ways to optimise it. Pages that speak directly to your target users, will help keep them on the website and engage with your company, thus converting more easily. And if these texts are keyword optimised then Google will notice you too and show you more often in the results pages for search queries related to your services or products. Finish it all off with beautiful page titles, page descriptions and alt-texts and you’ll have a winning formula. Don’t know how to start? Don’t worry, Clarity can help you create a digital content strategy, and in three different languages:

  • Copywriting in English, Portuguese and French;
  • Copywriting for websites, blogs, articles;
  • SEO content creation with keyword research and optimisation;
  • Creation of page titles, page descriptions and alt-texts for SEO optimisation;
  • Digital communication strategy creation;
  • Content marketing.

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Creating a Social Media Strategy to grow your brand online and build personal relationships with your clients. Social media marketing is a powerful tool to reach prospect clients and to create brand awareness using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, VK and other similar platforms. Whether is Likes, Retweets or just clients being directed to your website that you need, a Social Media plan that integrates it all is fundamental to help your company’s growth. We know you know what this is but do you know how to take the most out of it? Don’t worry, Clarity knows and can do it for you:

  • Social Media management services;
  • Social Media content plan;
  • Facebook Ads and other Social Media advertising.

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It’s all about being able to communicate. It is always easier to get the message through to your customers if you speak their language. Any digital marketing activity will bring better results when created in the native language your target audience uses and feels comfortable with. And God forbid to use Google translate! As you’ll never really know what you’re actually saying. So, if you want to promote your products or services overseas, or even in the place you’re at but to people who speak a different language, and your marketing department does not speak that language, how can you do it? Don´t worry, Clarity will do it for you in Portuguese, English, French and Russian:

  • Create your advertising campaigns in Google Ads or Facebook;
  • Manage your social media;
  • Write you a brilliant copy (for blogs, articles, websites, etc);
  • In PT, EN, FR or RU.

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Create or improve your digital marketing strategy with integrated online solutions and get the right traffic to your website, generate leads and get clients for your business. Use all the channels at your disposal to grow and improve your online presence. Your customers are on the World Wide Web so attract, engage and convert them with a measurable, results-base d online marketing strategy. Not sure where or how to start? Don’t worry, Clarity can create a digital marketing plan tailored to your company’s needs by combining:Need something else entirely? Talk to us anyway and perhaps we can still do it for you!

  • SEO;
  • PPC;
  • Social Media;
  • Content Marketing;
  • E-mail Marketing;
  • Digital Branding;
  • Website traffic analysis.

Need something else entirely? Talk to us anyway and perhaps we can still do it for you!

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Based in the Algarve, Portugal, we help businesses worldwide grow by improving their online presence.
But what does this actually says about us?
Well, if you want to break it down we are just three girls who love working together.
We could say that we like to think outside the box but the honest truth is that we are a little bit crazy, which in this case is not a bad thing, as we work in marketing (and you need a sprinkle of insanity to master it!).
We like cats, dogs, chocolates (well, food in general!) and random science facts, and are haunted by existential questions such as “what is love?” or “what’s true happiness?” or even “where do I buy that amazing pair of shoes I saw yesterday on the lady with the blue dress crossing the road?”.
But the bottom line is that all of this makes us damn good at what we do.
We come from three different backgrounds and our combined expertise cover virtually every corner of the digital marketing universe. And we’re even certified by Google!
So if your company needs digital marketing strategies for online success you need to come and talk to us!



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