Create a Social Media strategy to grow your brand online and build personal relationships with your clients.

Social media marketing is a powerful tool to reach prospect clients and to create brand awareness using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, VK and other similar platforms. Whether is Likes, Retweets or just clients being directed to your website that you want, a social media plan that integrates it all is essential to increase your company’s growth.

We know you know what this is, but do you know how to make the most out of it? Don’t worry, Clarity knows and can do it for you.

In addition to the daily (organic) management of your company’s page or profile, advertising on social networks is an effective way to generate brand awareness and get leads, thanks to the advanced targeting options that these platforms offer their advertisers. You can run campaigns with different content of the one on your page or profile for a carefully chosen group of users (your customers – potential and existing ones; all or just a part of them), configure them to bring traffic from the ads to your website; or create an ad to interact directly with the users on each social media.

With professional social media ads & management services on Facebook and Instagram (as well as other platforms), you will expand your online reach and touch those who really matter. We know what makes your target audience and your followers tick and that’s the know-how we want to put at your disposal on social media!


  • Setup or optimisation of business pages or profiles on Social Media
  • Social Media management
  • Social Media content plans
  • Social Media advertising management (Facebook & Instagram Ads, etc)

At your wits’ end with social media? We can help!