Search Engine Optimisation, or more commonly SEO, is the way to increase organic traffic (that is, non-paid or free) by optimising your website for search engines (yes, not just Google, though he is the King!).

But even before working on a keyword strategy or content creation, you need to make sure that there are no technical on-page issues on the website, as those will prevent it from growing organically, no matter how good your website, content or SEO strategy are.

Still puzzled? Don’t worry, Clarity will take your website and analyse it inside out, both technical and content-wise, so you know what needs to be improved.

With our website SEO audit service, we will take a deep look at your website and uncover all the problems you need to correct, or improve in it. Our in-depth SEO analysis will be thorough and not limited to just the technical SEO. We will also examine and diagnose your website’s content, user experience, and even link building issues or any other situation that may promote or limit your website from ranking higher on Google.

When we’re finished, we will give you a full report with all the results, and our suggestions for fixing the problems found and to improve the website as a whole. All you have to do is hand it over to your web development team, implement the solutions and start working on your SEO strategy to climb higher on Google’s rankings.


  • Accessibility and crawlability of the website by Google
  • Indexation issues
  • Website speed
  • Mobile usability
  • Website internal structure
  • Markup
  • Meta tags and content overview
  • Backlinks profile overview
  • Content issues
  • Other issues that may promote or limit the website from ranking higher on Google

Can’t make head nor tail of SEO? Don’t worry, we speak that language!