How to add WhatsApp to your Facebook and Instagram?


Your WhatsApp number can be used on social media to facilitate communication with users. Imagine you want to know more details about a service abroad, but you don’t feel like waiting for a reply to an email or contact form; you want to make a call or send a message to get an ‘immediate’ answer, and you don’t want to pay extra for that. If you haven’t thought of it, use WhatsApp.


If you provide services or sell products, let’s add WhatsApp to your Facebook and Instagram.


First you have to create a WhatsApp Business account. To do this, just go to the App Store or Play Store, download the app and follow the steps you’re given. Believe us, it’s simple.


Golden tip #1: add a professional message and your business logo to your profile; as well as the hours you are available, so that those who contact you know when to expect an answer.


Now that you have your WhatsApp Business account all set up, you can choose to add your WhatsApp number via Facebook or Instagram. If you have these two social media and want to use the same WhatsApp number on both, we suggest you do it through Instagram which allows you to do it for these two platforms at the same time.

Remember that we will be making this association to your Instagram business profile and Facebook company page, not to your personal profile.


Here’s how you add WhatsApp to Instagram, and also Facebook (i.e., create a direct access on these platforms to WhatsApp):

1. Open the Instagram app on your smartphone;
On your business profile, click the photo on the bottom right corner;
3. Click on ‘Edit profile’ which is right after your profile name, category, bio, website’s URL and address;
In the ‘Public business information’ section, click on ‘Contact options’, add your WhatsApp mobile number and click ‘Send code’;
You will receive a confirmation code on your smartphone (where that WhatsApp number is set up), enter it to Instagram and voilà!

(take this next step if you want to simultaneously add WhatsApp to your Facebook too)

6. Next on Instagram, the ‘Use this information for your Facebook page’ option will appear under the contacts – by accepting it Instagram syncs the business’ public information (email, phone number, address and WhatsApp number) with Facebook.

Golden tip #2: before clicking thi1s option, make sure that the name that appears under it is really that of your Facebook page – if you have several Facebook pages you might associate the wrong one, so confirm this before proceeding and synchronising contacts.


As we’ve said before, the advantage of the previous Instagram to Facebook synchronisation option, is that you only need to update the data on one social media (Instagram) and it is automatically synchronised with the other (Facebook).
Please note that if you don’t want to use it, the connection with WhatsApp Business will only be visible on Instagram.


If you just want to add WhatsApp to your Facebook follow these steps:

1. Log into your Facebook business page;
Click on ‘Settings’;
3. On the left-hand side column, click on ‘WhatsApp’;
4. Choose your country code;
5. Enter your WhatsApp mobile number and click ‘Send code’;
6. Enter the code and click ‘Confirm’. And that’s it, your Facebook (business) page is linked to your WhatsApp!


Now you are ready to communicate with your clients or audience on WhatsApp, wherever they are, without having to pay for national or international calls (though if you do not have access to a wi-fi network, you will obviously have to pay for mobile data).


Happy international business!

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